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No-code CarrierX Apps

Voicemail See the code

Ask the caller to leave a voice message. The audio recording of the voice message will then be sent to a specified email address.
Enter the message callers will hear before the recording starts
Enter the message callers will hear after the recording ends
Select a voice type. The default is male
This email address will receive a link to the recording
Enter the message subject that will be attached to the email
Find your container SIDs through the CarrierX Portal
Select the file format for recordings. The default is MP3
Enter the DTMF key callers will press to end the recording. Values accepted in this field are: 0 , 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,#, and *. By default, pressing any valid key will end the recording. The string value "none" can be passed to disable this feature. Note that multiple values can be passed into a single string. For example, if the string "123" is passed, then pressing 1 , 2 , or 3 will end the recording
Select whether or not a beep will be played to indicate that a recording has started. The default is True, and a beep will play


This is where your FlexML will be displayed.