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No-code CarrierX Apps

Generate URLs and small portions of code that enable you to easily learn and implement basic voice apps.

Concurrent Calls

Dial two to five phone numbers simultaneously. The first person to answer is connected to the caller. If nobody answers, the call is forwarded to another URL for more FlexML instructions.

Simple Message

Play one or more audio files and/or speak text.

Call treatment

Reject call or play audio / speak text.

Simple Menu

Play a message for the caller, wait for DTMF input, and direct the call to another URL for more FlexML instructions based on their DTMF input.


Ask the caller to leave a voice message. The audio recording of the voice message will then be sent to a specified email address.


Forward a call to another phone number or URL for more FlexML instructions, given that the initial call is not answered or the line is busy.

Routing Engine

Logic engine for External Routing feature of CarrierX Switch. Supports least-cost routing, margin protection, and rate ceilings.